How To Mine For Bitcoins?

[UPDATE 03Nov2014]:THe Hashlet Genesis is now available for only $6.95!

[UPDATE 14Sept2014]:THe Hashlet Genesis is now available for only $9.95!

The fastest, simplest, most efficient way to mine for Bitcoins is by using the GAW Miners Hashlet. You can get started mining Bitcoin immediately for only $16.95 $6.95 by using the link below.

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What is GAW Miners Hashlet?
It is the world’s first digital cloud miner.

What does that mean?
GAW Miners basically took away all the problems and complaints associated with Bitcoin and crypto-currency mining. When Bitcoin first started a few years ago, Bitcoins were mined(created) by using the processors inside computers. This was known as CPU mining. After some time passed, people discovered that using a graphics card to mine was a lot faster than CPU mining. This became known as GPU mining. After GPU mining, specialized hardware called Application Specific Integrated Circuits or ASICs were created to mine Bitcoins. Now with all of these methods in the past, there were always the same problems.

GAW Miners Hashlet

GAW Miners Hashlet

1) Shipping times would vary and ultimately prevent people from achieving any ROI. As mining difficulty is constantly increasing, everyday that you don’t have your mining hardware, you are losing money. Combine this with the fact that some ASIC companies have become notorious for taking pre-orders and either missing their deadlines or not delivering at all, and the entire process of trying to buy hardware to mine for Bitcoins can easily become a nightmare.

2) Power usage, noise and heat would also be a major problem for some people. Some Bitcoin mining hardware can consume more power than the standard outlets available in most homes, which means that you would have to either upgrade your home electrical system or possibly rent out an office or industrial building with outlets that could provide more power. Combine that with the fact that energy costs vary from city to city, and is definitely different between states and countries. Bitcoin mining hardware is generally pretty noisy and generates a lot of heat as well, so many people jump into mining without realizing how much heat and noise these machines actually make

3) Setup, configuration, and maintenance can take a lot more time than people anticipate. If you actually get your Bitcoin mining hardware shipped to you in a reasonable amount of time and you have a space with enough electricity to run your miner, while keeping it cool, and the noise doesn’t bother you, your next problem is setup. If you don’t know anything about mining, you will have to start researching about Bitcoin, or whatever other crypto-currency you want to mine. Once you figure that out, you have to look for mining software that is compatible with your hardware. That’s right! Most ASICs don’t come with software, so good luck with that. And if you are able to find that software, good luck with the configuration. You may get lucky and get everything working at it’s optimal rate right out of the box, but if it were that easy, everyone would be mining crypto-currencies and all of the forums wouldn’t be filled with complaints. But let’s say everything is finally up and running, whenever something goes wrong, say software update, hardware failure or anything. Now you enter the maintenance/troubleshooting mode.

Hashlet Solo

Hashlet Solo

With all three of those problems basically contributing to one colossal never-ending headache that ultimately will end up costing you much more time and money then probably ever imagined, it’s pretty mind boggling why anyone would not take the alternative and order a GAW Miners Hashlet.

Basically, pay GAW Miners $16.95 $6.95, they send you an activation code, login, give them your Bitcoin wallet address to send your Bitcoins to and your done. Easy-peasy.

If you want a more detailed explanation of how the GAW Miners Hashlet works, you can read my previous post here.

You can pick up your GAW Miners Hashlet and start mining Bitcoins immediately by going here.