GAW Miners Fury Setup Instructions And User Manual

GAW Miners Fury Setup Instructions And User Manual –

A couple weeks ago I showed some pictures of the unboxing of a brand new GAW Miners Fury scrypt asic miner. The GAW Miners Fury came with all the hardware needed to begin mining any scrypt based crypto-currency, but was lacking one thing…an instruction manual. It just took a couple extra steps to get the GAW Miners Fury scrypt asic miner up and running on my Windows 7 machine and I’m not sure why they couldn’t have included a quick write up along with the mining hardware.

GAW Miners Fury

GAW Miners Fury

To setup the GAW Miners Fury scrypt asic miner on a Windows 7 machine, the first thing that you will need is the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers. These drivers will allow you computer to communicate with your GAW Miners Fury.

After you have the drivers installed you will also need a compatible version of CG Miner. The latest version that was released on 02Jul2014 is CG Miner for Win V3.0. People on the forums have also reported good results with using the BFG Miner Port For Zeus Miner as an alternative to CG Miner.

Once you have downloaded the compatible version of CG Miner, extract/unzip the package to your computer. The easiest way to run CG Miner is to create a batch file. An example of the command that you should have in your batch file is provided below. (Change the pool address, username, and password accordingly.)

cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u aaaa.256 -p x --chips-count 6 --ltc-clk 328 -S //./COM4

One of the most important things to point out is that the communications port (-S //./COM4) can be different for every machine, so you will have to modify your batch file accordingly. If you don’t know which communications port to use, you will first have to plugin your GAW Miners Fury to your computer. Plugin the DC barrel plug to your GAW Miners Fury using the power supply cable that it came with.

Alternatively, you can use one of the many ATX connectors that allow for multiple DC barrel connections like the one shown below:

6Pin ATX to DC Barrel Plug

6Pin ATX to DC Barrel Plug

After you have connected the power to the GAW Miners Fury, connect the unit to your computer using the USB cable that it came with.

You should see a popup window that shows that the device has been connected. You will have to go to Device Manager -> Ports to find out which communications port the GAW Miners Fury has been assigned to. (To get to the Device Manager, right click on Computer and select ‘Manage’.)

CP210x USB to UART Bridge

CP210x USB to UART Bridge

Once you find the correct port, modify your batch file and save your changes. You are now ready to run your batch file. The default clock speed setting is 328 (–ltc-clk 328), but people have been experimenting with higher clock speeds in an effort to get higher hashrates. The general consensus seems to be anything under 10% hardware errors should be okay.

Here is the original ZeusMiner Manual from their official website. Even though this manual is not from GAW Miners, people have been saying that the asic chips used on the miners are identical.
Here is the original article showing pictures of the unboxing of the GAW Miners Fury.

Here is a slideshow showing how to setup your GAW Miners Fury: