GAW Miners Coupon Codes

[UPDATE 28Apr2015 03:20 GMT] The GAWMiners site is down and we are under the impression that they have stopped operations. The coupon codes below have been disabled.

[UPDATE 26Aug2014 22:30 GMT] We have been informed that GAWMiners has temporarily disabled coupons and will re-enable them later this week. Additionally, coupon codes are not valid on Hashlets.

The following coupon codes are available for use on purchases at

Click on any link and copy down the coupon code that is displayed. Once you have the coupon code you will need to enter it when you checkout on
$10 off orders over $150
$25 off orders over $200
3% off orders over $3000
4% off orders over $4000
5% off orders over $5000

If you have any problems using any of the coupons above please use let us know by using the Contact Us form.